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High-Temperature Material

In modern industrial applications, the demand for materials that can withstand high-temperature environments is steadily increasing. High-temperature materials, with their exceptional heat resistance, low moisture absorption, high rigidity, low warpage, dimensional stability, chemical stability, and mechanical performance, could be found in various fields. They drive continuous technological innovation and development, playing a crucial role in numerous industries. Nytex offers several high-temperature materials:

  1. High-Temperature Nylon (PA10T、PA6T)
  2. Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP)
  3. Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
These high-temperature materials are ideal for applications in areas such as FPC connectors, high-temperature structural components, medical devices, lens modules, EV connectors, fuel conduits, battery modules, and battery O-rings and many others. They perform in high-temperature and extreme environmental conditions, making them the materials of choice. View details »

Specialty Compound

Specialty plastics play a critical role in modern technology and industry. They typically possess exceptional characteristics that make them excel in specific applications. Nytex provides three main types of specialty materials: Low Moisture Absorption NylonPOK(Polyphenylene Oxide Ketone)和Semiconductor Materials,each of which plays a vital role in various industrial applications.

Low Moisture Absorption Nylon、POK materials are representative examples of specialty materials. They exhibit excellent attributes such as exceptional chemical resistance, dimensional stability, outstanding wear resistance, low moisture absorption, low warpage, and excellent impact strength at low temperatures. These qualities make them indispensable in applications such as water materials, water treatment, wear-resistant supports, slide rails, conveyors, and more.
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Thermal Conductive Polymer

Nytex thermal conductive polymer offers electric insulating thermal conductive properties with UL-RTI certification. This material performs high productivity, easily processed, flame retardant and outstanding thermal conducting characteristics, low smoke zero halogen, the highest flammability 5VA grade. Electric product heat dissipation solutions applicable (Internal heat sink and external heat cooling parts). Application including Internet communication, safety & security control, new energy, wireless charging, lighting…etc.

We also provide engineering support to work with our partners for better material recommendation.
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Flame-retardant Material

Under the trend of sustainable green energy and net zero carbon emission, renewable energy has become the development goal of countries all over the world in the next 50 years. In response to the needs of industrial development, energy storage systems and electrical vehicles need to be equipped with a large number of lithium batteries. Although it improves environmental protection and makes life more convenient, the frequent occurrence of thermal runaway of lithium batteries also brings hidden worries.

The energy storage system is composed of multiple lithium battery modules connected in series and parallel according to capacity and charging/discharging requirements. Lithium batteries offer advantages such as high energy density and a small footprint, but they come with safety concerns like explosion and combustion. New energy vehicles are the inevitable trend in future transportation, and the materials used in the electronic control system need to provide greater safety and enhanced insulation properties.Nytex has developed a specialized plastic material that meets the highest UL fire resistance standards. It can effectively isolate and create a protective layer in the event of a fire, preventing heat spread and reducing damage to life and property.
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Eco-Friendly Material

As the application of plastic products becomes more diversified, the generation rate of plastic waste also increases; it is estimated that at least 12 million tons of plastic waste enter into the ocean every year, and the pollution of the environment is becoming more and more serious. Nytex has started to look for its alternatives for the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels, and putting a lot of resources and energy into development. For global environmental protection issues, Nytex provides three solutions:

  1. Source of raw materials-Partial or full replacement of petroleum fuels with bio-sourced is the so-called bio-based composite material.

  2. Self-degradable materials-Composite processing with self-degradable materials is the so-called biodegradable composite materials.

  3. Recycling and reuse of plastic waste-the use of waste plastics recycled by third-party manufacturers, processing and re-manufacturing, is the so-called recycled materials.
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Polymer Compound

Nytex has specialized in Nylon 6 and 66 compounding for over 30 years. We have successfully become one of the largest Nylon compounders to supply technologically advances and price competitive materials to our partners in Asia Pacific as well as North America.

We have been an effective supplier into industries such as, electronics, computers, automotives, sporting goods, office furniture, power tools, circuit breakers and many more.
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